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Technology, Arts and Sciences Quarter

Bridges to think, experiment and innovate

Because ideation and innovation are too often compartmentalized by the specialization of each field and the demands of the market, the discovery of new sources of innovation that will revolutionize the world of tomorrow requires a greater opening to the world. The sharing of knowledge, the collaboration between engineers, scientists of all horizons, artists and designers, the exchange of ideas and methods, the emergence of new concepts and projects, under the aegis of the industrial, scientific and artistic world, represent the vocation of TASQ.

The objective of TASQ is to decompartmentalize artistic, scientific, engineering and economic disciplines in order to create improbable encounters leading to new ideas and inventions. TASQ's main task is to create bridges between actors from different backgrounds in order to develop a fertile ground for ideation and innovation.

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TASQ has its origins in the synergies and reflections generated by the IMPACT Festival and Forum of the Theatre of Liege. Putting the spotlight on cooperation between the sectors of culture, research, business and training, this event brought together many institutional, cultural and economic players concerned with the development of the Liège and Walloon regions.

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