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our story

Through calls for projects, ideation phases, production processes and various events, the Théâtre de Liège has succeeded with IMPACT in bringing together different worlds with different languages. IMPACT has relied on the industrial and economic fabric of the Liège basin, as well as on the collective capacity to innovate from ideation. Thanks to this process of cooperation over several years, contacts and sharing have become more fluid. The Théâtre de Liège, the GRE-Liège, NOSHAQ, ULiège and Sirris have thus imagined TASQ.

The projects generated by IMPACT have also demonstrated the essential role of the humanities in the industrial and technological sectors. Through this human and social approach, the ability to create narratives and give meaning are grafted to industrial and technological fields. The objectives are numerous: to bring people together, to think out of the box, to produce new points of view, to transmit new visions of the world, to encourage creativity. Moreover, the exchanges of the IMPACT festival have led to two major observations.

two observations

an interaction source of multiple potential

For fundamental research and the economic sector: creativity, unexpected encounters, production of meaning, new visions of the world, promotion to young people, development of new process...

PFor the cultural sector: access to new technologies and new knowledge, broadening of their artistic horizon...

the need to structure these interactions

The second observation concerns the way to develop and materialize this principle of interaction on the Walloon territory. The need for a structure entirely dedicated to building bridges between actors quickly became apparent. TASQ is therefore a tool at the service of science, economy and culture. Its objective is the cooperation between all the actors who create Wallonia, Europe and the world of tomorrow.

our objectives

To build the Wallonia of tomorrow, the TASQ partners are convinced that this multidisciplinary crossroads will provide answers to the various expectations in the fields of economy, energy, sustainability, circular economy, territorial development, education and innovation. TASQ provides solutions to the following issues :

  • Diversify approaches to encourage creativity and the unexpected (serendipity)

  • Connecting ecosystems to create a new breeding ground

  • Circulate knowledge and skills, while encouraging their hybridization

  • Pooling ideation and innovation by focusing on collective research and innovation

  • Include the CCI and cultural sector in the dynamics of value creation

  • Promote research and innovation, as well as innovative professions, to young people

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