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our development areas

TASQ plans to develop through 3 axes. The objectives are to anticipate, experiment and facilitate the production of new knowledge and innovation through the interaction of the arts, sciences and technology.


The Think Tank represents the space of reflection of the TASQ which will make it possible to identify new possibilities of interaction and new topics of call for projects. Based on research, documentation and sharing, these exchanges will feed, on the one hand, the TASQ LAB and the Start-up Studio and, on the other hand, the approaches of the various partners. The goal is to identify current and future challenges to be developed.


The LAB is a place of multidisciplinary experimentation. Its role is to develop innovative projects as well as to implement new approaches to interaction in the processes of innovation, teaching and territorial development.


The Start-up Studio should facilitate the implementation of projects and the identification of key players, synergies and collaboration. The Start-up Studio would serve as an intermediary to bring together the actors in the field. They would come with their projects and be referred according to their needs. The challenge is to be able to identify with precision the technical need and the actor who would have/find the solution.

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